Poppyseed Provisions: The General Store Reimagined

Once upon a time, a trip to the local general store was more than just a chore. It was an anticipated experience for everyone in the family, and a break from the everyday routine.

As a community hub, the general store was where neighbors caught up with one another. Kids played and enjoyed penny candy. A young romance may have been kindled, while older folks picked up on a debate from a previous meeting or discussed the impact of the latest weather pattern…Again!

For a moment, at least, the pressures of the day were checked at the door. Time stood still as one’s senses were stimulated by the surroundings, the goods, and the people.

Grocery stores and department stores largely replaced the general store. Today, of course, anything you could possibly need is just a click away…except for that feeling of community and the sense of being a part of something bigger.

At Poppyseed Provisions, our goal is to bring back that feeling of community through our vision of the general store.

Grab 'N Go Foods

We source as many of our products as possible from local and regional companies. Stop in and check us out!

Local Products

On Tap

Grab & Go | Sit & Sip

From Poppyseed Provisions’ Prepackaged Foods you can take home and enjoy to an incredible array of local craft beers and wine you can enjoy here or at home with friends, we’ve got something for everyone, including treats for the kids!

We’ve got craft brews on tap and wine by the glass or bottle. Enjoy watching a game on the big screen or catch up with friends outside while the kids play.

Grab & Go Foods

If you’re leaving work, or the thought of stopping at the grocery store…again…just doesn’t sound fun, stop in and grab some of our Grab & Go meals.

Each delicious meal is easy to heat-and-eat, so you can feed the whole family with minimal preparation. And the options we have will have everyone coming back for more.


When a cold beer sounds good, which is pretty much anytime (right?), come to Poppyseed Provisions and enjoy one!

Bring some friends, too!

Whatever you’re thirsting for, we probably have it. Lagers. Pilsners. IPAs. Stouts. We’ve got them, and we don’t stock anything we wouldn’t drink ourselves. (Yes, we test everything we sell. There are worse jobs. 🙂 )


The Poppyseed Provisions Wine Collection features reds, whites, and several other varieties produced by local and regional wineries. Come check it out!

What goes well with wine?

A corkscrew and a glass, of course.
And we have those, too!

Shop Local.
Buy Local.

Whenever possible, we try to stock our shelves with goods produced or sold locally. Like any general store, we may bring things in from far away lands but will do everything we can keep our purchases going to local vendors.

We’re Part of One Big Family!

We’re located at 395 West End Blvd. in Winston-Salem.
We share our space with these incredible businesses.
For more information: call 336-546-7332 or email us.

The shelves are stocked, the coolers are full, and we can't wait to see you!
We're open Tuesday through Sunday.

We ID for all alcohol sales.